Chris has been arrested -

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Featured on Aug 1, 2021 at 8:10 PM: Chris was arrested.
Chris was placed under arrest.


Perspective 1

Context: Ethan Ralph, the host of the #Killstream, is a convicted felon and alcoholic who today proposed to the ex-fiancé of Digibro, a woman named May. They are the people filming this video. He hates me because I make fun of him on the Internet, so to spite me, he drove out to the hotel to try and conduct an interview with Chris, and hopes of compelling Chris to lie and say I encouraged him to have sex with his mother. In doing so, he caught live footage of Chris being arrested. The video contains gratuitous self-promotion and general annoying behavior, but Chris does speak.

I am working on getting copies up. Ethan Ralph is a notorious DMCA abuser and will false-flag and copyright strike this clip to monetize it. Sharing is caring. (DMCA'd by Ethan Ralph)

Perspective 2

No Ralph, but less recorded overall. After 1:30 it's just some weirdo talking into the camera.

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This thread will just be utter nonsense worth absolutely nothing. Enjoy.


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he isn't going to be sent to jail.
Worst case, he is sent to a psychiatric hospital and be there for some years till they convince him Sonichu isn't real and there is no dimensional merge.
Chris is, officially, disabled. Through the eyes of the state, he is mentality challenged and therefore, he won't be accountable for the shit he has done. He will be painted as a crazy person.
But fear not, you guys are being pessimistic. This can be the end yes... or, the beginning of something even grander.
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