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Oct 9, 2018
"A virtual YouTuber (バーチャルユーチューバー, or VTuber) is an online entertainer, typically a YouTuber and/or live streamer, who is represented by a (usually anime-inspired) digital avatar generated by computer graphics."
However, this thread is not about the entertainers. This thread is about the insane internet users who take entertainment too seriously, whether by giving streamers their entire paychecks, to fantasizing about having them as girlfriends, to fantasizing about getting peed on by them, to fantasizing about drinking their urine, to dedicating themselves to destroying the streamer. Many of these people congregate on Reddit (where their posts are heavily moderated), Twitter (where they split into their own little circles), or on /vt/.
/vt/ - Virtual Youtubers is the newest 4chan board. You would expect this to be the board for vtuber content, but this is actually the board for the mentally ill fans of vtubers.

It's worth noting that even the history of this board is complete nonsense.
Starting in 2016, Virtual Youtubers was a niche interest topic on /jp/. In 2019, the thread spawned two offshoots, Nijisanji and Hololive (two biggest companies) because of terminal console war autism between the two. In September of 2020, the introduction of Hololive EN caused another split, Hololive Global, /hlgg/. By this point, /jp/ had gotten so overburdened by these threads (the old average was month-old threads with ~100 posts, /hlgg/ cycled through about 8000 posts a day) that vtubers were eventually banished to /vt/.

/vt/ is like watching the degradation of a fanbase in real-time, as the board is full of newfags, spammers, Redditors, and every kind of terrible fetishist. It's an open secret by now that the board has been overtaken by Redditors all too eager to report back to r/hololive about new spicy memes to rape into the ground.

Some words that spread from /jp/ to /vt/ to Reddit to Twitter to everywhere else, including Kiwifarms by some of the insufferable spergs in the regular KF Vtuber thread who think they're too good for /hlgg/:
ogey - dismissive statement usually accompanied by a picture like the one at the top, "ogey schizo", etc.
rrat - narrative, either for the poster to call something fake, or to purport a fake claim as real by hiding it behind irony, "x having a boyfriend is a rrat", "my rrat is that x is a tranny".
roommate - euphemism for the person behind the character. Almost always related to dox/thirstposting.
oshi - waifu for idolfags, "x is my oshi"
menhera - mental health, slang for a mentally ill person (like a femcel who gets drunk and roleplays breastfeeding her audience live on stream)
giving streamers their entire paychecks
fantasizing about having them as girlfriends
fantasizing about getting peed on by them
fantasizing about drinking their urine
dedicating themselves to destroying the streamer
These are examples. I wish they were the only examples. They're not even the tip of the icesperg.
mori fart.png

gura short squeeze.png

i recommend the mouth.png

suisei piss alchemist.png

Damascus knives

Koopa the 4chan vtuber finding out why anyone who does GFE stays in GFE

Pedophile witch controversy
zia kongou.png

Ukranian Gura fuckdoll

Due to the nature of being an anonymous forum, it's hard to tell how many posts are genuine and how many are ironic, however, it should come to nobody's surprise that the bastard child of idol fans and waifufags are a largely pack of unhinged lunatics. For all of their fear of tranny encroaching, the average /vt/ user gossips like a housewife.
Some go even full Mean Girls, like this Kiara 'anti', an anti-fan who dedicates themselves to trying to harm internet people in however way they can. Since they can't really do anything about somebody thousands of miles away in another country, the farthest this usually gets is posting their dox and evading their subsequent bans.
kiara schizo.png

Although /vt/ was only made in 2021, the kind of insane poster who uses /vt/ has existed long before. Among these is the bizarre case of the original lunatic behind the original vtuber, Kizuna Ai.
This is a very old, very insane person from back when vtubers were still on /jp/. In Feb 2018 when Nijisanji started operations, this person has been stirring shit in all kinds of threads, furious about how Kizuna Ai has been pushed aside by streamers.
However, even before then, there was a dedicated 4chan shill.
After Hololive first started getting big, they adopted a second name:
This is actually really notable because the actress for Inugami Korone of Hololive was a member that Upd8 squandered, yet another footnote in the long history of Upd8 (the company behind Kizuna Ai) committing slow motion suicide when they basically killed themselves mismanaging Kizuna Ai by splitting her into 4, losing hundreds of millions of yen in a few months.

Of course, vtuber lunacy isn't limited to a 4chan board. There are plenty of people who make Twitter their choice of poison, like /vt/ takes, a gimmick account tranny who allegedly got banned for posting images that contained pizza, because not reposting CP plays second fiddle to chasing the Twitter high.
You might ask "what the fuck does Ryan Gosling have to do with this?"
/vt/, being a hideous chimera of other boards, has adopted the /tv/ notion of pretending they are the main character of Blade Runner 2049, because they like virtual girls, and will tell you about it faster than a vegan crypto fan will.

Another Twitter nutcase, DigitrevX, the 3D modeler who tried to DMCA ProjektMelody for making too much money.
(I don't think they were the Ai-chan spammer, but there was definitely something fishy going on.)

I have a lot more information that I'm planning on slowly working through. There are some images and stories I'm looking for, which is complicated by these things not being easily searchable.
I am well aware that I'm missing a lot of examples that I'm looking to fill out soon. I hope this is at least a start.
I didn't even cover vtweeters/western never-debut trannies, tranny shark and Africat, or a dozen other ridiculous things that have happened in this circle.

*some of the images were sourced from Blood Unit, but the events were things that I remember happening.
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Dude, there's already a vtuber megathread in MULTIMEDIA.
Yeah but that one is about simping for vtubers.

OP's thread is about laughing at vtuber simps.